Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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When she reached the alley, she had the distinct feeling she was too late. She raced down the darkened back street in the direction of Justice. She had never felt anyone so clearly in her life. She couldn’t breathe through her fear. It may already be too late.
He would kill her partner. And she would be too late.
She realized she had no more secrets to hide. She had to keep Justice from killing her partner. In a flash, she transformed and was racing at lightning speed. When she came around the corner, it was to find her partner backed against the wall—and a large, male jaguar snarling and pacing in front of him. She could clearly see her partner was more terrified than she had ever seen him before. In fact, she’d never seen him show any fear before.
And he didn’t look too happy to see a second jaguar, albeit a smaller one, coming from the alley.
Justice turned and, upon seeing her, he was too shocked not to transform back to his human form. “What the hell?” he snarled.
She transformed too. Brushing herself off, she strode toward the naked man, as naked as he was, completely aware of that fact, and too angry to care.
“It’s one thing,” she snarled at him, “to think you are the ancient one, to think you are actually supposed to kill—murderer.” She waved her arm wildly and pointed at her partner, who was white as chalk. “But what explanation do you have for trying to kill a cop?”
Justice only stared at her. He was staring at her, staring at her fully naked form, taking her all in, and made no bones about it, which only enraged her further. “Are you going to stand there ogling me, or are you going to explain yourself!”
He actually grinned. “Well, I’m too surprised to actually see… you again. Then, to see you, my mate—in the form of our people, and now—beautifully naked… so I think, for now, I’ll stick to ogling: it makes more sense, somehow.”
She was standing directly in front of him now. And as angry as she was, it was a dangerous place to be, but she still couldn’t have been more surprised by the power between them. It shocked her into silence. The power that had been between them as children—which had grown stronger as teens, as they reached puberty—was now amplified a hundredfold.
For a long moment she looked into the eyes of a killer—and what she felt was anything but disgust—or even fear. She began to tremble. She fought back at what she felt, and failed. She turned to look at her partner. He was staring at the two of them like he’d just seen a UFO or something—and was now staring at a pair of aliens.
“Oh, come on,” she growled. “Of all the times for you not to keep your usual, stoic behavior—now is not the time.”
She looked back at Justice, who had turned away. “Where do you think you’re going? You’re not going anywhere!”
He had reached a car and opened the door. He turned back and grinned at her still-naked form. The vision of him—gloriously naked and proud—would be forever branded into her head. She wanted to hide her eyes—but she could only stare.
“What are you going to do? Stop me?” He gestured at her naked form. “With what? Your pistol—or your handcuffs?”
Jes flushed. She would feel mortified later if only she could fight down what she was really feeling right now. She knew she would be mortified later—when she was home—safe in her bed—remembering her partner was watching the two of them—naked—arguing.
And she couldn’t even arrest the killer!
As if she could ever arrest him. What on earth had made her think she could ever arrest him? Did she think she was stronger—more powerful? It was obvious he was too powerful for her to handle alone.
And who exactly did she think she was going to call in to help her?
Her partner?
She nearly snorted out loud—staring at Justice.
He gave her a mock salute and got in his car. She heard the quiet purr of the engine a second later, and he drove away—just like that.
She stared after him.
Then tore her gaze away and looked back at her partner.
It was going to be a long night.

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